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StewedSTL 0.5 – Is it Gonna Work?

Other shows toss their dry runs to the cutting room floor but at StewedSTL, we throw them to the public--warts and all (well, almost).
Two edits later, we give you inaugural StewedSTL Episode 0.5 in which we cover...
  1. Introductions
  2. Being a Good Cook vs Following Directions
  3. @stlcolleen asks, "What's missing from the STL food/drink scene? Conversely, what is overdone (or on its way to being so)?"
  4. @carln26 asks, "It appears you want to create a new type of food community. What defines this community?"
  5. @mvemjsump asks, "What's the best superpower?"
  6. Stewed Blind Item
  7. Bogart's Smokehouse
  8. The Level 75 at Pearl Cafe and StewedSTL Merch Ideas
  9. @boxcar_fritz asks, "Why does every butcher I ask for skirt steak from either get defensive or insulted?"
  10. The Cut and Maria from Sesame Street
  11. The best things we've eaten in the last month.
  12. Salty vs Seasoned
  13. Dessert
  14. Pushing through...
  15. What are we drinking?
  16. Banter and Take Aways from 0.5
  17. @sippinstl asks, "What items do you have in your fridge or pantry that you're slightly ashamed of but willing to defend?"
  18. What's coming up?

Download StewedSTL Episode 0.5 Now (also available on iTunes).


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  1. that was fun. good job.

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